You are the one & only ancient protector of the Blubs, sent to ensure their population grows despite being hunted by a gluttonous invasive species

Mission Statement:




These are the instructions given to the guardians.  For the uninitiated however.. here are some more details.


WASD to Move

Mouse to Look

Left-Click to Shoot (Hold to Charge!)

Right-Click to Pull (Continuous Hold, think gravity gun)

Q to Drop your Item

E to Interact and Use things in that Hotbar

Scroll/Mouse-Wheel to Select Items in Hotbar


This is a Blub, her name is Samantha

She has (left to right):

A hunger meter, and energy meter, and an egg meter.

Keep them fed as that heals them when they digest the food, and will accelerate the healing/energy regain process when sleeping.  This will also increase the speed at which it will produce an EGG:

This contains genetic information for a new blub, wait until it hatches for a surprise! All blubs are randomly generated & unique, with infinite combinations!


This sucker will dispense anything from food, to power-ups to furniture! 

(note: there is nothing but food here at the moment)

It shoots out the right side when you buy it with enough STARS:


Enemies will spawn from pipes, and you will be warned when this happens:

Listen for the alarm beeping sound for you have less than 10 seconds before they come. 

----TIPS & TRICKS----

  • You can shoot your own Blubs to put them to sleep (really helps to speed up reproduction because they digest quicker when they sleep, or to heal rapidly)
  • You can eat the food by pressing E when it's selected (make sure ur not within interaction distance with anything else or that will take priority).
  • Keep in mind that your Blubs won't eat if they're not hungry.  You can shoot them to force them to sleep & digest faster if you want!
  • Your Blubs will fight with you!


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I was getting ready to type how much I love this game but MY BOI CHEWY GOT ATTACKED?!?!?!? 

I love this game, I am getting a slime rancher and Samus feel. It was increidbly designed and has great thought and effort at every section. I love to think about how games are made and how I would do what they have done but This game is a work of art. This looks like a project you have spent hours on hours of months on months refining and designing. I wish I could pat you on the back your accomplishment. Everything about it is great 10/10


ehem.. anyways.

Makes me real happy that I actually made something that makes someone feel this way about it. I was actually playing Metroid Prime for the first time in my life and just beat it last week, so I really wanted to recreate that blaster.  N to be frank, I had been thinking about making a pet sim thing for the past few years, and generally just thinking about and prototyping lots of stuff that basically revolved around this idea.  This was honestly just a happy accident that I found this jam, at the time that I did.

I am most definitely feeling ur pat upon my back & just FYI, if you like the pet kinda thing I got going, I also recently played Wobbledogs, so check that game out & you'll have a good idea of where tf this came from!  


Really enjoyed the gameplay. Was challenging enough to keep playing and packed with fun features as well as fun to watch the blubs hop around.

glad you liked it, i spent a long time tuning the blubs to be just dopey enough :)